Law Enforcement

The Fort Towson Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life and lessen the criminal fears of all citizens by aggressively pursuing all criminals, patrolling all city streets, responding promptly to calls for service, continuing to improve our skills and knowledge, working with the community and educating citizens in crime prevention, protecting the rights of all citizens, and being ever vigilant in our duties and maintaining our integrity.

Utilizing the authority and safeguards of the Constitution of the United States, the freedoms cited in the Bill of Rights, and the laws and statutes of the State of Oklahoma, the employees of the Fort Towson Police Department will work cooperatively with all segments of the general public and government, other departments within the city, and other area law enforcement agencies, to provide a safe environment and preserve the peace.

This partnership is drawn on the premise that our product be one of service to all citizens with special focus toward solving real and perceived problems within the community. Our remedies and resources shall be from all levels of government working in concert, to accomplish our desired goals. Thus, as a Department of, and on behalf of the citizens of the City of Fort Towson, we obligate ourselves toward becoming a catalyst for positive interaction between all services and functions of the City. It is our duty to protect life, liberty, property and preserve the peace in the community of Fort Towson.


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